Selling A Property At Auction

Hammertime Property Auctions is an innovative and pioneering platform for buying and selling property. It is designed and run by property professionals in order to maximise the efficiency and value of selling property.

Our auction process provides all the benefits synonymous with traditional auctions, including: speed and certainty of sale, transparency and zero risk of gazumping or double-selling, but with the added advantage of your buyer being able to bid pressure-free from the comfort and safety of their own home or office via desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

A Hammertime Property Auction will also open the auction process up to the broadest range of potential buyers which has traditionally been a major drawback of selling via auction. This includes first time buyers and mortgage purchasers.

Furthermore, in a revolutionary development within the industry Hammertime Property Auctions will not charge your buyer a disproportionately large fee for buying your property. Instead we allow their money to contribute toward to the price they pay for your property…. meaning more potential bidders, and more money to you on completion of the sale.