Fear of Selling via Auction

It is not uncommon for people to be nervous about selling their property via auction, understandably sellers don’t like the feeling of having to sell and not being in control. This is where we hope to alleviate some of those fears. Selling via a property auction can put you, the seller, in control of the minimum price you want to achieve for your property and the auction date is set by yourself so you can plan your move accordingly.

The benefit of selling via auction in both the modern method and the traditional method means that you can offer your property to a wide audience and virtually eliminate the post sales issues that typically arise from a more traditional private treaty sale. The reason for this is selling via auction interested parties are given access to your legal documents before the auction so their solicitors can check them over and confirm that legally it is a sound purchase. Likewise if a potential bidder wants to have a surveyor look at the property then they are advised to do this before placing a bid.

By following these simple steps a potential buyer is now bidding on the property with a much better knowledge of the legitimacy of their potential purchase. The only issues are if you the seller fail to disclose any information that may effect a bidders transactional decision.

For more information on how we can help you successfully sell your property via auction please do not hesitate to contact us today using our contact us form on the website.

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